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How long does it take to receive a commission?

My oil painting process is based on a series of glaze layers per the classic Renaissance painters’ technique. This means that each layer of oil paint must dry before continuing. A typical painting takes around 4-6 weeks to complete, with an additional 8 weeks of curing time before it can be shipped. Commission orders must be received 15 weeks before a desired deadline.

Can I commission a custom painting on a less traditional surface like a surfboard or a coat? 

Absolutely! I have painted on anything from skis, surfboards, doors, wood panels, linen canvas, canvapaper, you name it! Please reach out to discuss possibilities.

Can you come to my location to paint a mural in my home or business?

Yes. I currently operate out of North Carolina, and I am available to travel to other locations as well, with travel fees.

Will my painting last over time/ do I need to protect it?

A pdf will be provided to you during the commission process prior to the receipt of your commission, outlining all recommendations for care. I use the finest materials to promote longevity over decades and protect against yellowing, dust, cracking and UV rays.

How much does a commissioned oil painting cost?

Let me know your needs, and I will provide a personalized quote. Oil paint commissions typically start around $1,400 and may go up or down in price based on a number of factors including size, complexity, materials used, the amount of time it will take, and subject. I work to tailor each experience to the unique vision and preferences of my clients, ensuring that the final creation surpasses expectations. As a seasoned artist, my pricing reflects not just the materials and time invested but also the value of a custom, handcrafted piece of art. Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your goals and options for working within your budget.

What if I have a deadline, can I expedite the process?

Commissions are completed in a first come first serve process, as it would not be fair to other paying clients to have their projects delayed.

Can I order a copy of the painting as a print or on another canvas?

Absolutely! I work with a gicleé studio to have high resolution scans of my works captured, and can have additional copies of your commission printed onto archival paper, stretched or unstretched canvas at various sizes. You can order additional copies at any time, for a fee, as I keep high resolution digital copies of all projects on file indefinitely.

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