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Hand-Painted Pet Portraits

Commissioning a hand-painted pet portrait is a wonderful way to celebrate and commemorate our furry, feathered, and sometimes scaly friends! 


As a lover of animals myself, I am always excited to dive into a new pet portrait painting. After all, they are more than just pets; they are cherished members of our families. When I paint your beloved companion, I work closely with you to capture their personality as well as their likeness. More than a photograph, a custom fine art pet portrait is a unique way to preserve and honor your best friend’s legacy for generations to come. 

Can you create a painting of my pet from a photo?

YES! In fact, this is how most of my portrait commissions come to me. When working from a photo, I request that you please send the sharpest and highest resolution photo references possible. Additional images of the subject, at different angles (including videos), are also extremely helpful to get a better understanding of their likeness and personality.

What if I don’t have a high-resolution photo?

While it is important and preferable to have a clear image to work from, I understand that this is not always possible- especially if all you have are old photographs to remember your beloved companion. In this case, I will work closely with you and discuss options for creating a beautiful portrait based on what you have.

Custom Pet Portrait of a Sleeping Bulldog painted by Raleigh, NC artist Katie Peña
Commission Pet Portrait of a Gray Cat painted by Raleigh, NC artist Katie Peña

Can you paint my pet in a funny outfit or setting?

Pet portraits don’t have to be serious. Share with me your idea, and I will gladly help make your vision spring to life on the canvas!

How much does a pet portrait cost?

Please take a look at my commissions page and my post about commission pricing to learn more about the process. Once I have a better understanding of your needs, I will provide a customized quote, with an expected timeline for completion based on my current queue, and then we can discuss the next steps to lock in your commission.

I would like to give a pet portrait as a gift. Will it be ready in time?

Pet portraits make great gifts! Commission orders must be received 15 weeks before a desired deadline. My oil painting process is based on a series of glaze layers per the classic Renaissance painters’ technique. This means that each layer of oil paint must dry before continuing. A typical painting takes around 4-6 weeks to complete, with an additional 8 weeks of curing time before it can be shipped. 

Do you accept commissions from out of state?

YES! Working from my studio in Raleigh, NC, I accept paint commissions from across the US, and I will ship the finished work securely to your door. 

Hand-Painted Portrait of a Pet Dog painted by Raleigh, NC artist Katie Peña
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