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Blooming Inspiration: How DIY Wedding Florals Sparked a Creative Journey

colorful wedding veil and DIY bouquet of NC artist Katie Peña

When my husband and I decided to tie the knot in our backyard, we knew we wanted the day to be filled with vibrant colors. To bring our vision to life, we turned to a company called Flower Moxie for our DIY wedding florals, and little did I know, this decision would not only beautify our day but also inspire my art in unexpected ways.


The Floral Composition: A Lesson in Artistry

DIY wedding florals and bouquet flowers from flower moxie

As I delved into various online tutorials on bouquet composition, I couldn't help but draw parallels to my own art process. Just as in painting, the arrangement of flowers involves balancing different elements like volume, texture, and greenery. Some elements play a supporting role, while others take center stage, creating a harmonious and visually engaging composition.


Personal Touches: Embracing a Vibrant Color Palette


dinosaur cake toppers and colorful florals on a nontraditional wedding cake

Our wedding being a decidedly “non-traditional” affair (featuring dinosaur cake-toppers and even a drink-toting mini donkey!), I wanted to break away from the classic all-white wedding aesthetic, and instead embraced the joy of vibrant hues. For our bouquets and centerpieces, we opted for a vibrant Citrus palette, with coral being my favorite color. Flower Moxie's Vibrant and Colorful Tones collection perfectly aligned with our vision, offering a stunning array of blooms that brought our color scheme to life. While planning our florals, we also decided to include snapdragons, one of my husband's favorite flowers, adding another personal touch to our arrangements. Although they aren't featured in my current paintings, I'm inspired to create future art featuring these beautiful blooms.


Crafting Together: Shared Creativity

friends helping build DIY wedding bouquets

One of the most memorable aspects of our wedding floral process was hosting “petal parties” for our family and friends. These gatherings weren't just about crafting bouquets; they were about shared creativity, laughter, and the joy of bringing our vision to life together. It was incredible to see everyone gain confidence and enthusiasm as they crafted gorgeous arrangements, each person contributing to our collective vision.


The idea of DIY-ing our wedding florals initially felt daunting, but my background working in the set decoration department for Hollywood movies and tv shows, and my eye for compositional aesthetics from decades of training as an artist, helped me navigate the process with confidence. I wanted to instill this same confidence in our guests, ensuring they felt empowered and not overwhelmed by the task at hand. It was rewarding to see everyone embrace the creative process with enthusiasm.


From Canvas to Commission: Exploring New Techniques


primed canvases for new painting series by artist Katie Peña

Planning a wedding is exciting and stressful, but nevertheless I managed to find a familiar outlet in my art. Inspired by the vibrancy of our wedding florals, I began working on a new painting series. Usually, a significant portion of my work comes from commissions, so having the freedom to paint my favorite subjects—flowers—was a rare and delightful experience. For this series, I decided to experiment with priming the ground of each canvas a different vibrant color. This technique not only enhanced the final works with an extra layer of depth and dimension, but also opened up new creative avenues for me to explore in my art. I was able to employ the same technique with a recent commission painting for a client, infusing the painting with a beautiful vibrancy and energy.


Looking Back at My Wedding Day


As an artist, I'm constantly eager to create. Starting this painting series allowed me to express my excitement for our wedding day months in advance, channeling my energy and anticipation into my art. Looking back at these paintings, I'm reminded not only of our beautiful day but also of the joy of artistic expression and the love and support of our friends and family who helped bring our vision to life.


Our wedding florals not only added beauty and excitement to our special day but also served as a profound source of inspiration for my art, enriching both my wedding experience and my artistic journey. As I continue to create, I always carry that same sense of wonder and excitement with me, knowing that the beauty of our wedding florals will forever inspire my art.



bride and groom kissing in front of archway holding a colorful bouquet in Raleigh, North Carolina

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